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Hire a Drag Queen To Come To You in London or anywhere in the UK! 

Want to Have the Illusions Drag Queen Show come to you? Now you can!  

Illusions the Show along with all its stars are available to come to your venue, house, Airbnb, hotel, wedding hall, and just about anywhere for a private show, any day of the week for Brunch, Lunch, or Dinner after or before! 


Bring Barbara, Whitney, Dolly, and more to your next private event, celebrate your bachelorette party, bachelor party, anniversary party, divorce party, birthday party, community center event, or any other celebration by hiring drag queens from Illusions the Drag Queen for hire company! 

Want to bring a little specie, pizazz, and flair to your next private event? How about getting a little eccentric and making it an unforgettable time? Hiring a drag queen for a private party is the perfect way to liven things up in a manner your guests will never forget and Illusions the Drag Queen Show has drag queens for hire for any events such as:

Hire a drag queen for drag bingo “a game night at home or your office no one will forget” 

Hire a drag queen for a drag makeover or maker-over party “Glam parties are awesome”

Hire a drag queen for a birthday party “Have them sing Happy Birthday”

Hire a drag queen for kid’s birthday parties “We’ll keep it G Rated” 

Hire a drag queen for a bachelorette Party “We’ll make it unforgettable” 

Hire a drag queen for a bachelorette party “We’ll make it unforgettable” 

Hire a drag queen for a corporate event! ‘They will love this team-building event” 

Hire a drag queen to officiate your wedding “How many have you seen like that!?”

Hire a drag queen to show you out on the town “Be glamorous with a queen to take you around town” 

There are many more reasons to hire drag queens and we are here for all your drag queen-for-hire needs. 

Below you’ll see a list of metro areas however, we can send you fabulous drag queens anywhere! 

Click below to submit an inquiry about how our Drag Queen Stars can make your next private venue party something extra special for you and your guests! 

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