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About Illusions the Drag Brunch Show

Illusions the Show is the UK’s #1 Drag Queen Show & Drag Brunch, the most amazing Celebrity Impersonation Brunch Show in England!

Grab your friends and family, Illusions the Drag Queen Show is here, and simply put, the Best Drag Queen Celebrity Impersonation show hands down. Top that with brunch and a mimosa or bloody Mary and a great time will be had by all, whether celebrating a bachelorette party, gay bachelor party, divorce party, birthday party, or just a fun afternoon out!

Illusion the Show features more variety and drag queens, more musical performances, and more comedy routines than any other celebrated impersonation drag queen show in the UK, so don't settle for a knock-off, come to the only Illusion the drag queen brunch show!

Illusion the Show - Brunch Show offers ticketing both with and without brunch.  Brunch varies by venue but some offer, your choice of an array of bread, pastries, bagels, waffles, breakfast meats, and more, and let’s not forget the mimosa!  Please note that exact menu items will vary by location and city and not all venues sell or serve food but will always be a fabulous show. 


Please note that the pre-paid brunch will be the only food option served when available, so be sure it gets your brunch to add-on or unlimited mimosa add-on tickets! 

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